Toon boom storyboard pro 6 installation

My name is Jean-Louis Vandestoc, CEO of Yapiko Animation.
I recently bought an upgrade of Storyboard pro going from 4.2 permanent to 6 permanent.
I have successfully activated the software, but whenever I lauch the program, it keeps putting me on the Try or Activate popup as if I never entered the code.
I have already removed and putted the sofware back on my computer (Intel i7 975X/Windows 7 pro 64/32go/nvidia gtx780)

Hope you will be able to help me !

Mr Vandestoc

Dear Mr. Vandestoc,

I am experiencing the same problem right now. So far I haven’t received an answer from the Toon Boom support Team. Since I urgently need to get STB Pro running, as I am currently working on a project, I give it a try and want to ask you wether you have been able to solve the problem.
If you find the time to answer I would be very thankful. Any tips highly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance, best regards,

Felix Schichl
storyboard artist

Any answers to this? I have the exact same problem. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling SB pro 6, but still get the activation pop up after already being successful activating it. I checked my Manage Local Licenses, and it’s active as a permanent license. Very frustrating.

storyboard artist

It may have to do with security on the computer.
If you open the license wizard from the “License Tools” folder
of the software using the options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Local License

Do you see the license listed?
Does the license match the version of the software that’s installed?

Hi rkriz
Thanks for our reply
It seems to work now, but with a weird trick:
As i needed to work and getting the same problem, I decided to use the Trial period (for a software that I bought, sigh)
And then I closed the software and relauched it, but this time rather than using the trial period I clicked on “I have an activation key”.
And rather than entering the serial number, I used my account and password to validate it.
And… I get the create project panel at last !!!
Hope this will help others

See you

Mr Vandestoc