Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 5

Toon BoomStoryboard Pro 5
Toon Boom Harmony 12

Toon Boom Software very good
Draw, animate and add special effects

im learning myself it’s is very good…

i love toon boom Harmony 12 & storyboary pro 5

i just starting my youtube i am not very good yet…
i believe in my myself…i going to make toon boom video and post up and youtube…toll i am good

thank u:Toon Boom
Home - Toon Boom Animation it’s is very help full

thank u: all teacher
Marc-André Bouvier-Pelletier
Christina Halstead
Mark Simon
Tony Ross
Michael Wiesmeier
Francisco Del Cueto
…and many more…
my name is: Clive Watson
my youtube name is: C…Live…Animation