Toon Boom Storyboard ---> AVID workflow

Hi all,

I´m looking for a way to export from Storyboard Pro 4 to Avid 6.0.

Normally I would use the AAF export but if I do, TB creates only Quicktime .movs but no .aaf-File. Is this maybe a bug?

Because if I choose all three options in the export window (Create EDL+XML+AAF file) it creates an EDL and XML but no AAF…

Any suggestions would be great!

Also i´ve tried the EDL but didn´t receive a satisfying result; the EDL has to be rewritten in parts and all Clipnames are lost. Maybe my import-Settings in Avid EDL Manager are wrong? Has anyone tried this yet and knows the best settings?

Thanks for helping and best regards

Contact The AAF export is not working in the release version of Storyboard Pro 4 but there should be a stable beta version shortly where this is fixed. There should be a full service pack update released soon but if you need this now, you can get the beta.

I too would like to do this. Is the full service pack available yet?

Storyboard Pro 4.1 is now linked to in the “My Downloads” section of your members profile. When a service pack is released, it replaces the original download version in the profile.

Do I need to upgrade to 4.1? If so, how do I do this? I also don’t know how to find my “member profile”.