Toon Boom Specific Tutorials/Books/Videos?

Okay, I know that there are basic tutorials available via web -

But does anyone know if there are any existing books, videos and classes available (or planned) for ToonBoom? Looks like there’s a definite need and market…and I’d be really interested if these do exist!




First of all, VTC has recently released a video tutorial for TBS. It’s based on version 3.5 but it covers all the fundamentals and is well worth the investment in my opinion.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind travelling to the scenic coast of Maine for a workshop in 2D animation using Toon Boom, Photoshop, Flash, etc., you might want to check out the Maine Media Workshops.

Other than that, there are the helpful e-learning tutorials on this site, the Toon Boom WIKI, and JK’s immensely helpful blog on cartooning in TBS.