Toon Boom software not opening Windows 11

I want to get into animation, and I always adored the idea of Toon Boom Harmony since my early teenage years after viewing an animation studio. Last month I activated a trial phase, and it worked for like 2 days, yet for some reason the following 28 days it just wouldn’t open. Opening in the scene, or creating a new scene wouldn’t work for me.

I would open the software from the main menu, and click open/create scene, the window would close and nothing would happen. It wouldn’t show in the task manager, it acted as if I had just closed the whole thing together.

I’ve seen other people talk about this issue before, but haven’t seen anything beyond “reinstall to windows 10”, which isn’t really helpful. I am a verified student, and want to benefit from the discounted pricing, but this issue is really turning me off of purchasing a full license for Harmony.
If there is any other response to this issue that anyone knows of, can you please forward it onto me quickly. If anymore information is needed, don’t be afraid to ask.

The trial experience is over now, so I can’t really test to see if this is a recurring issue but as of last week somewhere on the 3rd to 5th of March 2023, I still wasn’t able to open the application beyond the “open/create scene” page.