toon boom set up

Hi! every body!
I have a littel problem with toon boom animate pro. :frowning:
I’m learning to used and it’s a bit different, (i find it) of toon boom solo (the software that normally I use).
My problem it’s that I have a character set up but I need to do a .net file to finished de rigging, because I want to import it like a template in another file where I have the layout.
How can I do this file .net where I will have this character with all her parts completed?

Basically what you’re saying is that you want to create a character rig, and then you want to open this character rig in another file that already has the layout done, correct?

To do this, you need to make a master template of your character in your library. Right-click on the library where you’d like to save your character rig. Then drag and drop from the left hand side of the timeline onto the library. Now assign a name. Then you can open your layout scene, and drag and drop this file from the library back into this other scene.

Hope this helps.

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