Toon Boom Project from client empty when I open it

This is my first project on Toon Boom, so I might be missing something obvious.

My client sent me a project he wants me to animate, but when I open it the project shows an empty screen. There are layers in the file that say “character” etc, and there are keyframes on the timeline. In the project folders I can see the frames and pieces of characters. Yet the screen in the project remains blank.

Could something have gone wrong while the file was being transferred or is there some obvious thing I’m supposed to do so I can see the images?
This is my first project, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on. (I use Harmony in case that matters). Thanks for any help!

My first question would be which versions of Harmony are being used by your client and by you. I suppose what you describe could happen if you’re opening the project with a version that’s much older than the one the project was created in.

Or maybe some issue with the Display options? Is it on the default ‘Display’? Changing to ‘Display All’ changes anything?

If you switch from the Camera to the Drawing view and click on the several layers where they have exposure do you see any drawing?

If you share a screen capture of the whole interface it might help figuring it out.