Toon Boom Pro SUPPORTED! with Mavericks

Hi there everyone,

Toon Boom is working diligently to support Professional Products on the new Apple® Mac OS® X 10.9 Mavericks. Until further notice, we recommend that you do not upgrade to 10.9 as you may experience degraded performance and other unexpected behavior.

Further updates on Toon Boom software and Mac OS X 10.9 will be provided soon.

The Toon Boom Team

Update: Toon Boom Harmony is now supported on Mavericks. Simply log into your user account and download Harmony 10.3 to get the update.

Hi ToonBoom

Has that update been provided yet? Harmony works on my brand new computer but at a snail’s pace. I would love some type of update!

Please keep me posted!


Hello Toon Boom,

The “Tech Specs” area of your Harmony product had a note that it won’t work on Apple iMac’s running Mavericks (10.9). I think this note has been recently removed. Is everything OK now?

Thanks for your attention,


Yes this is now supported in Harmony 10.3!

What about Harmony SA 9.2?

The build I can download from my user account is 8663. As far as I know, that version wasn’t compatible with mavericks (it was already available by the time mavericks was released, more or less)

Can you confirm that version is the last one and it is compatible with mavericks, please?


Every time I try and install a new version of Harmony on a Mac I end up in Unix Hell and now it cannot batch render FBX insisting in terminal that it’s looking for OSB.

I paid for an upgrade of support but frankly the upgrade from 10.1 to 10.3 without support for MAYA 2014 is a step back.

What a waste of time and not for the first time I am stuck unable to do the work I paid good money for software.

I have a MacBook Pro Retina late 2013 OSX 10.9.1 and the added modules do not work that well either. 10.3 has been more trouble than it is worth.

Better you support only Windows and Linux.

Yeah support seems to be lacking over at Toon Boom. I emailed them a week ago about the Harmony upgrade (I believe I still have a support contract) and all I get is crickets.

Someone using the last version (8663) with Mavericks?

Any issues?

When I tried to use my $600 app. support I got nothing but a very hard working tech trying to support my problems with a MacBookPro Retina nVidia GPU 2013 ON A WINDOWS computer!!!

They also do not have Maya 2014 which I used because I have a subscription like I bought with TB.

This version of Harmony works with Windows 8/8.1 with Harmony 10.3 but then Harmony has always worked with Windows but with OSX you need to use the Terminal and a Unix script to install ANY MAYA batchrender.

I now cannot trust TB to support my Macs and this makes buying another year support a total waste of time.

Funny how I’ve not had a reply from TB on this Forum under this topic.
If you do not use Maya Harmony version you mention works extremely slowly in OSX 10.9.1…I have a MacBook Pro Retina nVidia GPU 750M 2013 and everything from Maya 2014 to Adobe CC works fast and with no issues…just TB. The owner needs to spend more money on Tech support so they have software…they had no MAYA 2014!!!..and a Mac running 10.9.1!!!

Windows 8.1 has issues too but Mavericks is an utter disaster: not totally TB’s fault.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME unless all you do is simple animations.

The radial menu wont appear on my cintiq when i use the new feature on maverick that allows both screens to have its own menu bar when using dual monitors.
Will that eventually get fixed?

Thanks. Good to know it’s officially supported now.
This has been the final reason to wait.

Would you say Harmony performance is better on 10.8 or 10.9? Making any use of the new compressed memory management and stuff? New multi threaded optimized rendering etc?

I am lucky enough to have a 15" MacBook Pro Retina 2013 and despite hours spent from tech support it cannot render Maya FBX or any output from Maya in Harmony 10.3.0
I love using Harmony but without Maya support to work with say Deformation it’s not the animation software I once relied on.
Windows 8.1 works somewhat better, however it to has problems.

I have 2 10.0 licenses and one 10.3 I would have upgraded all of them but for the awkward installation and usage problems with Mavericks OSX.