Toon Boom Pro SUPPORTED! on Mavericks

Thanks, Guitarist!

I don’t have the Pro version, but my version of Animate 2 is Version

Not sure if that means that it’s Mavericks compatible?

It would help if Toon Boom referred to their own version numbers when describing which of the versions is Mavericks compatible. When I go to the downloads section of my User Account it doesn’t say which version of Animate 2 is available for download. Which makes it hard to know if I have the most “current build”.

Thanks for your help!


Unfortunately, since I cross-graded to Animate Pro I can no longer use Animate, but it’s still installed so I checked and my Animate 2 build is so I’m pretty sure that’s the most recent.

Again, support told me over the phone that the new Mavericks updates were for current products only, e.g. Animate 3, Animate Pro 3, etc. He said that earlier versions will run in Mavericks with no update required, so you should be fine.

But for your own peace of mind, and to confirm that you do indeed have the latest build, the quickest way to get a definitive answer is to contact support directly.

I am running 10.9.5. It is currently 2015 and I have downloaded Animate 2 from our school license. It stops working with the OS update. I tried opening it with Command-click and tried repairing the license key without luck. Before I wiped my computer I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that did not work either. Any thoughts?

I am still running Mac OS 10.9.5 and my Animate 2 program will not open anymore.
I’ve tried uninstall and re-install. Still isn’t working.

Last time it worked was around July 2016. I haven’t updated the OS since then.
I know that is the last time it worked, because that is the date of the last project
I animated in Animate 2. Not sure why it isn’t working anymore.