Toon Boom Pro SUPPORTED! on Mavericks

Hi there everyone,

Toon Boom is working diligently to support Professional Products on the new Apple® Mac OS® X 10.9 Mavericks. Until further notice, we recommend that you do not upgrade to 10.9 as you may experience degraded performance and other unexpected behavior.

Further updates on Toon Boom software and Mac OS X 10.9 will be provided soon.

The Toon Boom Team

Update: Mavericks is now supported on the Animate Family! Simply download the latest build from your User Account

So…of course I saw this AFTER I updated and now I can’t even open TB Animate Pro 2 AT ALL…tells me I have no valid license for this application (anyone else getting this?)

Is there any progress on this that anyone can report at all?

Not being able to animate for a week now SUCKS :frowning:

Upgrading your O.S. should not get rid of the license already there. Try opening the License Wizard using the options:

Manage Licenses
Manage Local License
try to select and “repair” it.

Or try re-entering the license activation code.

Has there been any update? Also does this also affect Storyboard pro?

Good question, any progress with Mavericks compatibility?

I would really like to upgrade to 3.0 but I am hesitant without knowing I can upgrade my mac or purchase a new macpro.

Today I noticed the Technical Specifications for Pro products now read “MAC OS 10.7 or later” whereas the Tech Specs used to read “Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8 (Mavericks not supported)” fairly recently. Does this mean that Animate, Animate Pro, Studio and Harmony have finally been updated to work in Mavericks?

I’ve just received a promotional email from ToonBoom and happened to notice a “Mavericks Update” on the email stating that all ToonBoom products are now compatible with Mavericks so fingers crossed she’s good to go!

All Toon Boom products are now supported for Mavericks!

If you are on Animate and Animate Pro, then you can re-download the latest build from your user account. Thanks!

Will this include Animate 2, Animate Pro 2 and Harmony SA 9.2?

Hi Lilly,

Does Animate Pro 2 work with OS X Mavericks? I saw your post above and downloaded the latest build of Animate Pro 2 from my user account, but realised it was the same build that I already had ( and that’s a few years old now.

I will upgrade to Animate Pro 3 eventually, but I am halfway through a long project and a little wary of changing versions at this stage.

Thanks in advance…

Philip Watts

I can’t find the phrases ‘user account’ or 'latest build" anywhere in my profile. Could you please explain how to get to my user account and how to recognize what the latest build is? Thank you!

@ Lilly
Does this now include Animate 2 ? As I updated to Mavericks before this ,I have had problems using Animate 2, licence messed up and can not use it at all.
So , on the mac , do I have to uninstall and re install new update .
Please advise . . thank you …

Hi ilovetoast,

I had the same issue. I clicked on my user name (top right) and selected my downloads. Animate Pro 2 was there, and for some reason I assumed this would be the latest build, but you are right - it doesn’t actually say this anywhere.

So can anyone else advise - how do you get to a latest build from for user account?


I just tried downloading, installing, and launching TBAnimate Pro 2 on my iMac running Mavericks and I just get a bouncing icon on the dock. It does not launch.

You say that “All Toon Boom products are now supported for Mavericks!” so I do not understand this.

According to support, the new builds for Mavericks are for the most recent software versions but Animate/Animate Pro 2 supposedly work as is. I was finally able to launch Animate Pro 2 but only via a Terminal command. It seems to be a security or permissions issue which I hope can be resolved.

Edit: after spending an hour or so with tech support last night we could not get this sorted out, but it was suggested that my anti-virus program might be problematic, so this morning I uninstalled it and reinstalled Animate Pro 2 and it’s now launching normally in Mavericks.

Are Studio and Animate supposed to work on Mountain Lion?

Importing a 20 seconds QT movie into Animate on my machine takes 5 minutes.

If it doesn’t crash during import, it usually does when playing.

I’m on an 8 core MacPro with 18 GB RAM and ATI Radeon 5770.

Studio is also shaky - lip-sync is not in sync, and the playhead doesn’t move during playback (not entirely sure if that’s an error though, but one of your supporters implied that it did move on his machine).

So just checking, is it actually safe to upgrade to mavericks when using TB storyboard pro 4?
Will the licence wizard work?
Will SB work correctly?
Absolutely without a doubt, for certain?
Would love to be able to, if I get the go ahead.
I’m talking about the work machine here, there can’t be any timeouts.
Thanks in advance ::slight_smile:

So do I have to uninstall the version of Animate 2 that I currently have on my computer before installing the “latest build” from my User Account? How can I tell if you’ve made a new build for Animate 2 that will work on Mavericks?



The first thing you should do is check your current build. More than likely you are up to date.

As already stated earlier in this thread, Animate Pro 2 will run in Mavericks as is. I know . . . I’m doing it. The most current version is 7.9.1 (6016) and even though it’s several years old it is still Mavericks-compatible.

The new Mavericks updates are for the latest, e.g. Animate Pro 3, products only. This is what support told me over the phone.