Toon Boom Pro NOT compatible with Mavericks

Hi there everyone,

Toon Boom is working diligently to support Professional Products on the new Apple® Mac OS® X 10.9 Mavericks. Until further notice, we recommend that you do not upgrade to 10.9 as you may experience degraded performance and other unexpected behavior.

Further updates on Toon Boom software and Mac OS X 10.9 will be provided soon.

The Toon Boom Team

Oh, Apple.

Funny part is that Mavericks was a developer preview for about 2-3 months before release… I don’t understand why ToonBoom Staff haven’t check it earlier…

Unfortunately, a dev. build is only a part of the final release…
Having something running smoothly on a dev. build does not guaranty that the final build will behaves the same way…

So, still working with Apple to resolve these performance issues…

Francois Grossin
Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

I use a Pogo Connect to draw with my favorite art Apps on my iPad4 and 5 iOS7 ruined that.
I found out from Ten One that Apple broke a lot of code at the last minute.

Adobe that has hundreds if not thousands of software coders is also struggling to keep its CC suite up and running. Corel’s Painter 12 and later are not running at all well so Corel has advised us not to upgrade. Sadly I have an Apple 15" Retina which means I have no choice.

However, the new Wacom Cintique Companion 512 SSD, 8GB DRAMM and running Windows8.1Pro has no problems.Indeed Windows is much easier to setup Harmony for 3D in Windows 7 to 8.1

It’s not your fault that Apple kept shifting the code.

Anyway good luck. I’m most likely going to wait until the next version of Harmony that I was told is due sometime this year rather than try and make it work on my Retina.