Toon Boom & other pen tablets that are not Wacom

I’m having all the problems posted in this forum about ToonBoom not working with their tablet, from Ugee, Huion, X-Pen, you name it.

For work reasons I have to learn Toon Boom Harmony ( I use Animate from Adobe and tvpaint ).

Long story short, before paying any subscription to ToonBoom Harmony 15 I installed the tryal version just to find out my Ugee 2150 won’t work properly.

Came to the forums, tried everything, uninstalling drivers kinda solved the problem ( always when starting to draw, it makes a straight line ). Other problems: I need my presure. I love to work between programs.

So, for me its a big NO NO to toon boom. After 3 years (thats the oldest post I’ve read with these problmes) you would spect for them to make Toon Boom Harmony 15 work with ANY tipe of pen tablet. But no, here we are, having problems.

So, please Toon Boom, start working on that problem, because I do not see Adobe or Tv.Paint having any issue with it. So why should you?


im having the same issue, just recieved my Ugee 2150, but i was suprised to find out it doesnt work properly in Harmony 14.

pressure sensitivity doesnt work (well, it does once i change the brush settings, for one single stroke, and then the pressure sensitivity is gone again), lines look extremely jagged, weird problems with the pencil being offset.

and no fix can be found online as far as i know,

it seems like such a small thing that could be fixed, but im no expert!

Hiya, i replied a couple hours earlier, but i found a fix (sort of) for the problem.

in a nutshell, ANY kind of input driver (including motioninjoy, a driver to emulate a 360 controller to a ps3 one), but mostly for tablet drivers, will not dissappear once you deinstall them. i had to turn off anti virus, and show hidden devices on the device manager to find out WinTab was still on my computer. i deinstalled again, including the ugee drivers, deleted it all, rebooted, reinstalled the ugee driver, rebooted, and now it actually works!

Maybe this will not fix your problem, but i can wholeheartly promise you now, that the ugee 2150 IS compatible with toon boom. IF by any chance i run into more problems, ill update my answer here.

hopefully this will give a direction in order to fix the problem

You should probably send a notice to the company, see if they have an interest in fixing the problem