Toon Boom opening 2 files or more at the same time?

Hi everyone,

I bought Toon Boom Harmony (Advanced) on my laptop and it is able to open up two or more files at the same time. The one at my university campus can’t do that and only opens up one file at a time. Is there a way where I can open up multiple files in Toon Boom Harmony?

Hello Vicky,

By any chance, are you using a mac on campus? And are you working on offline scenes or on the database?

Double clicking on the Harmony icon on a PC will boot a new instance. However on mac, you need to go through your Finder, find the Toon Boom Harmony folder and launch a new window from there.

Hope this helps!

Just to add some detail for future reference:

Harmony is designed to allow you to open multiple instances at the same time. However, if you keep an icon of Harmony in the dock that only represents a single instance. You cannot click on that to open additional instances.

Rather than an instance, the icon of Harmony in the Applications folder is direct access to the program. When you open Harmony from the applications folder an icon will appear in the dock whether you already have one stored there or not. When you have one stored there an additional icon will appear.

For me at least, it is easier to open programs from the dock. To store an icon in the dock you open a program from the Applications folder then Right-Click on the icon that appears in the dock and choose Keep In Dock. That is just the single instance represented by that icon. The only way to open additional instances from the dock is to store more than one icon of Harmony in the dock. If you generally only need two…or three or four…instances open just store two…or three or four…in the dock and use the alternate icons to open the additional instances.