Toon Boom on Linux

Hi, I am a new Toon Boom Animate Pro user! I primarily use Linux for my work so I have to run Toon Boom via VirtualBox and it runs quite well in that environment. I am wondering, though, if Toon Boom will some day run natively on Linux (especially in 64-bit environment). There is no good vector software on Linux right now (Synfig is bleah).

– Brett

Wow, really? I didn’t see anything on the website about Harmony working on Linux. I am guessing since there aren’t prices available regarding Harmony that it’s a lot more expensive (even standalone) than Animate pro

I’ve sent several inquiries to sales regarding Harmony without hearing a word in over 48 hours… :frowning: I really am interested in Harmony if I can run it natively on Linux!

just want let you know from my own experience, Harmony doesn’t work that well with Ubuntu. If you really want use Harmony under Linux you need Fedora or CentOS.

What kind of issues have you run into on Ubuntu?

Configuring stuff on Linux isn’t a problem with me (I have a few commercial animation applications already installed that needed some extra stuff to work)… I’m a Linux software engineer in my “day job” so tinkering on Linux is all part of a day’s work :slight_smile:

I’m running Ubuntu Studio also, which has a lot more multimedia and graphics stuff installed than plain vanilla Ubuntu has.

I’ve sent in queries to sales, just waiting for a response back… do they offer a trial version? That would be helpful.

In my case it always keep crashing on start up, I tried it with Ubuntu 11.10 64bit version. Also I have to mention that even Toon Boom Support recommended me not to use Ubuntu for Harmony. And you need to know that you need KDE otherwise you get the ugly Motif style UI.

I had trouble with other apps running on 11.10 also, which is why I am still on 11.04.

Hi, I revisited getting TBA Pro to run on Linux again today. I think I found the right combination for it to run properly. This time, I installed with Ubuntu Studio 12.04 (64-bit) and Wine 1.5.11 (development PPA), with a Cintiq 21UX. The biggest issue previously was that none of the tool icons would display, resulting in a next to impossible navigate screen. This issue seems to have been resolved in the newer version of Wine, as you can see in this screen capture:

I didn’t test everything yet, like rendering to video, but network rendering to Targa image sequence works fine, which you can import into kdenlive or whatever for editing, compositing, etc.

I will say that the app is a LOT snappier running via Wine like this than it did in VirtualBox (with Windows 7).

PS. Why does my profile keep getting reset? I’ve posted more than 1 time! And I have to keep adding in my details :’(

does the pressure sensitivity works ?

Yes, pressure sensitivity worked well for brush tool (I am using Cintiq 21UX)

Maybe I spoke too soon, pressure sensitivity may need some tweaking to get it to work correctly.

I created an entry on WineHQ for Toon Boom Animate Pro 2… so far, everything works beautifully, except for pressure sensitivity on brush tool (may be an issue with wintab32.dll).

And a test animation (from one of Adam Philips tutorials)

Toon Boom Harmony actually is being used by several studios on Linux. We program all the software in-house on Linux, but only Harmony is available as a Linux application.

As far as I know, we’ve never installed a single-user or standalone user on Linux for Harmony, but perhaps it could be done.


Well we like to talk to the customers who are interested in Harmony, that’s all. :wink: Go ahead and contact for more information.


The difference with Ubuntu is that it doesn’t come pre-loaded with some of the libraries that you need. We do have some users on Ubuntu, but there is additional configuration necessary to get everything to work.


Our team has helped others install on Ubuntu before, so it should be possible. I’m not sure the latest version of Ubuntu that we’ve tested on, though, but you can always talk to to find out.