Toon Boom on an iMac


Does anyone here run Toon Boom Studio on an iMac machine? We’re wanting to get a new Mac for animation and iMac fits into our prace range better than the others. I had an iMac awhile ago with the intention of running Pro Tools on it, but for some reason the program wouldn’t function. It seems that this was because it was an iMac. I hope that this problem doesn’t exist for Toon Boom. Anyone know anything?

Hi, HeardMusic,

I’m sure it’ll work on a new iMac unless you’re talking about the newest one using the Intel chip, which I can’t comment on. I’ll bet you can get the older version iMac at a good savings now that Apple has introduced the new one with the Intel chip. Apple uses OS X Tiger operating system, on all new Macs. I have it on one of my two internal hard drives and use Toon Boom which works perfectly.

If you do plan to get one of the newest ones with the Intel chip, you should write directly to Toon Boom to see if the software is geared to accomodate their software.


Thanks for the reply Elwood! There is another post on this forum somewhere in which an administrator said that Toon Boom runs faster on the new Intel Mac machine that they are using for testing. What they don’t mention is if it’s an iMac. So far, Apple is only selling the new iBook and iMacs with the Intel chips and not the big ones. They are still selling the other PowerPc based iMacs but for exactly the same price. Toon Boom folks also said they are committed to supporting the new Intel machines, but said that the software runs fine without any modification. I just wish they were more specific about what kind of Mac they were using! :slight_smile:

I run TB on an old lampshade G4 iMac 800 MHz. There are no problems that I’ve encountered, but I’m new to animation and TB.