Toon Boom Not Responding

I’ve reinstalled toon boom twice already and restarted my computer several times. I don’t understand why but everytime I open up toon boom and try to open my homework, it automatically opens it and then “Not Responding”.

I have a 16GB RAM, 1080 NVIDIA GEFORCE, and an I7… And it STILL wont work. I’m using split screen between my main monitor and my CINTIQ13HD tablet… I seriously need this to work and I have no idea why the second I open this file it ceases working, when I opened it the first time it worked perfectly fine except that the pen was misaligned whenever I would draw, which is why I closed out of toon boom and then tried reopening. Any advice would be great. Please help asap. Time sensitive work is pending on it.

My computer is a W10 by the way.

It also gives me grief when I open a new-scene. I don’t know why but no matter what it just doesn’t respond.

If I remove the split screen and I don’t use my Cintiq it’ll open perfectly fine… Which is extremely frustrating because I need my Cintiq. Is there any updates or anything that I’m missing?

Have you tried mirroring all screens to display the same screen (content)?

I did, when I did it, It started working like normal. The second I switched back to extend the screen rather than duplicate it, it went back to having issues. I rely heavily on dual-screens and this is a big problem for me.

Try getting the latest graphic card driver from the NVidia website.
There were problems with the early drivers of this card.

Me too, I have the same issue, but my device is Wacom one, I open the toon boom premium then no respond…