Toon Boom not recognizing strokes

Recent development, when I draw on a specific layer on toonboom and then press the “k” key, only certain lines are recognized as strokes while others are left out. Unable to fill in the shapes with paint tool due to them not being recognized as strokes.

What causes this?

Please help.

When I log off of toon boom and log back on sometimes the glitch is fixed and sometimes it isn’t

That’s a wierd glitch. Does this happen when you use the actual stroke tool?(just trying to narrow things down).

It doesn’t happen when I’m using the stroke tool.

And since it only happens sometimes when making paintbrush lines, I cant tell if I accidentally hit some button to stop strokes or if it’s a glitch.

That is interesting. You should still have exterior strokes on brush work. You won’t have the interior stroke you would get with the pencil tool, but as I said, you should still get the exterior stroke. Have you attempted to commit the art to the color art layer to see if it will stroke there? It sounds like a glitch. Toon Boom uses the strokes for smoothing, thickening etc so it is there whether you can see it or not. It certainly sounds like a glitch anyway. I am sorry you are having to deal with that.

If you grab your contour tool and select the art does the contour show up then?