Toon Boom not opening

Hello, I just downloaded the trial version of Toon Boom Harmony 12.2 Premium, but every time I open the program it says "Toon Boom Harmony Has stopped working."I am sure I have all the programs it has asked me for. I really want to try this program out but there is no way I can if it wont open :(. Can anyone help me out?

Did you shut down all possible programs before you installed it? If not, try uninstalling, closing all other programs, and reinstalling it.
Does the error still occur if you shut down all possible programs (including virus scanners, etc.) and then try running it? Sometimes programs can conflict with one another

I have this similar issue. I’ve upgraded from Toon Boom Studio8/8.1 to Harmony Essentials and as I try to open the program, it crashed on me as well.

I upgraded from Toon Boom Studio to Harmony Essentials last June and have never been able to successfully use Harmony Essentials. I get to the Create a new scene dialog but when I select “Create Scene” I get the error: “Toon Boom Harmony Essentials has stopped working”

I’ve tried the program on 2 laptops and on a new Desktop that is on the high end of the system requirements. I’m talking to Support through email but I have low hopes.

I’ve seen other people have this problem on the message board but haven’t seen a solution. None of the usual tech support suggestions help such as updating drivers uninstalling/reinstalling drivers.

I resolved my problem.

The Technical Support Specialist Wei Huang remotely connected with my computer and we isolated the issue to a software conflict. The issue was caused by NewBlueFX 3d titling and video effects add-on for Sony Movie Studio Platinum.

I finally get to use this software! Phew. I was reluctant to allow remote access to my computer but I saw that Wei had helped other people so I went ahead with it.

I don’t know what your issue is Izzabella496 but I hope you get it resolved as well. If possible uninstall weird programs, it was easier for my this time because I just got this PC so I hadn’t filled it up with junk yet.

I was checking my system, and checked for what processor I have in it. My PC right now runs with an Intel Core i3, and Toon Boom Harmony runs well on either an Intel Core 2 Duo, i5, or i7. So does this mean should I upgrade to windows 10, or should I get a new computer with a new processor. Or is neither gonna help with me putting Toon Boom harmony Essentials into the new PC?

Are you running the software on a supported O.S.?

You should contact support to have a look on your system because there
can be many potential causes for the software crashing. I’m assuming there
is no error message as you haven’t posted one.

Hi, I just downloaded the trial version of Toon Boom Harmony 15 Premium, but the downloaded file is an unknown file extension what program can I use to open it?