Toon Boom Native resolution?

I want to use Toon Boom Studio on my next job and I got this question from a client, but I’m not sure what it means;

What resolution are you working in - in Toon Boom - i.e. the
Are there other pertinent specs?

I only told them what formats ToonBoom could output, what is the native resolution?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jimrtoon,

I’m not quite sure about your question. If your client is concerned about doing HD (1920x1080) that’s not a problem Studio can handle it. You can set the screen size to whatever you want.

Studio is a vector based software so unless you import pictures, scaling shouldn’t be an issue. Keep in mind that larger resolutions will increase the time needed to render scenes.

That is correct, you can set the resolution of your project to HD 1920 x 1080 for example from your top menu, File/Toon Boom studio and Animation Properties.