Toon Boom / MacQuestion


I am in Panther in system 10.3.9.

I am going to upgrading to the new Quicktime 7.

I am currently using TBS V 2.5.

I am finishing up a project and I am not going in Quicktime 7 until it’s done. I am just fearful v 2.5 might have problems with Quicktime 7.

I am also going to be getting an Intel Mac but not for awhile.

So, using Quicktime 7 and system 10.3.9… what version of TBS will run in it?

Do I need a different version of TBS studios to work with QT 7?

Thank you for your help and time!


Evan Jacobs

Well, Iam using OSX 10.4.5 / QuickTime 7.0.4 and Toon Boom 3.0.1 on an iMac G4,
and everything works nicely together.


I guess I want to know what version of TBS I need to work in Panther on a non-Intel Mac using Quicktime 7?

Thank you for your help,

Evan Jacobs

The current non-Intel version is 3.0.1. The new universal version is 3.0.2. -JK