Toon boom line quality better on older version?

Hey, guys.

I just purchased Toonboom 7.1 today. However, I notice one difference. THe line quality seems much more pixaly then toonboom 5. I opened up both programs at the same time. And I have the EXACT same settings.

however, why are the lines more smooth in tb 5…then on 7.1.

There is one difference that I noticed…
in the tb’ll notice that little box right next to the minimum, maximum and smoothness where you can resize the brush shapes! IN tb 5…I notice that its just a smooth circle…in tb 7, I notice there’s a thin outline outside my circle! :0

that could be making all the difference in the world. Does anybody know how I can somehow get ride of that dark outline in the box?

This is probably due to the preference settings you are using. You can enable the “Full Scene Antialiasing” on the “Display” tab but please be aware that enabling this setting comes at a performance cost if your computer’s graphic card is mid-range or below.