Toon Boom License issue...

I am using one license of Toon boom Animate 1 (not 2) on one computer, but the computer went bad, how am I going to release the toon boom key back to the server again if the computer I’m using no longer functions?

Hello there,

I have forwarded your question to support, and they will contact you shortly.

For future Animate related questions, you’ll have better luck if you post them in the Animate forum (this is the Toon Boom Studio forum).

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I have the problem for product licence. after install new system in my desktop, intall toonboom studio 7.1 again. then the licence wizard said cannot connect to activation server.
i already connect to internet.
after i read the forum, the problem is that i didn’t return product key first before format all my desktop system.
i already sent email 2-3 times. but no reply.
please help!

If you are having trouble connecting to Toon Boom’s license activation server, check that the date, time and timezone are correctly set for your geographical location. If the time on your system is off by more than a few minutes, the license activation server will reject the communication.

If you have already checked that this is correct and continue to have connection problems, try temporarily disabling your firewall or make a firewall rule to allow connection to port 8443 which is the port that our license activation server uses for communication.