Toon Boom Library

Hi I had a library of cartoon characters and backgrounds within toon boom harmony but the computer that had my toonboom harmony software and library on it died. Thus, I’m wondering is there anyway to retrieve my toonboom harmony library?

If the hard drive of that pc is still alive you can copy the templates from the documents part of your drive where they are stored.

You could take the drive out of the PC and try using it via USB. I do that with this device.

If the drive has some corruption issues, I think there is software to try to find directories and files even with corrupted drives. I do not know what they are by name.
I backup ToonBoom files regularly, (like daily, if not more) mostly to recover in case I bungle a scene up.

The first thing to try is to see whether you can access anything on the drive. Anim8’s suggestion, using an external hard drive case or treating that drive as a 2nd internal drive would allow you to hook up the drive and access it without needing that drive to boot from. If you can see the contents from another boot drive installation of operating system you can tell whether the area where the files are stored is accessible or corrupted.

If the drive seems impenetrable this way you may have success using recovery software. I have successfully used recovery software to access and collect all valuable files and copy them to another drive after a drive has appeared to be dead to the wind.

If you can recover the files dispose of the bad drive and do not risk using what may seem like a repairable drive. The relatively inexpensive hard drive is expendable and worth sacrificing in an effort to protect yourself from potential permanent loss in the future.