Toon Boom isn't start up on my computer

Hey guys, im trying to start a Toon Boom Premium Trial, but since i installed it, It isnt starting up! I’m getting crash everytime when i try to create a a new Project!

I’ve tried start up with compatibility as Win 8 and Win 7, and my current O.S is win 10 with all uptaded installed!

I’m using a laptop HP CPU Intel i3, 4 GB ram, intel Graphic HD 3000! I’m trying to test this amazing program since i watched a video on youtube about it. But i’m getting this annoying issue! Could someone help?


Your machine does not meet the minimum requirements to run Harmony. Please check the hardware requirements here:

In short, your system is unsuitable for serious animation and graphics work. The HD3000 Intel video chip is junk (sorry) and the amount of RAM (memory) is too low to even run Windows 10 reasonably well. And the HD3000 shares memory with your precious RAM, resulting in even less breathing room. And the CPU (i3) doesn’t meet the minimum requirements either. So it is no wonder Harmony crashes.

The only way to run Harmony is to upgrade to a new machine. One without any Intel video hardware: a Nvidia or AMD graphics chip with dedicated video memory is the only viable option. And at least 8GB, but preferably 16GB or more.

In short, your laptop is unfortunately wholly unsuitable for any semi-serious animation work. Sorry.

If finances are an issue, an alternative option is to download OpenToonz for free. OT will run on very low-grade hardware, but again don’t expect wonders. It will run slow too.