Toon boom is running slowly

I have a problem. I installed the Harmony Premium Trial but for some reason it’s running very slowly. I installed it yesterday and I uninstalled for the reason I stated before. Then, I realized that I hadn´t installed the Quick Time so maybe that was the reason. I did it and I installed Harmony again and it was surprisingly working just fine. I worked on an animation yesterday, but I didn´t finish it, and today I planned it to do so, but it´s again running slowly.

What happens is that when I use a tool like the pencil or the brush it takes years to process the line, it freezes for plenty of time. I don’t think it’s my PC because I have an Intel I5 2310, 8GB RAM and the second time I installed the programs was working fine. I restarted the PC and it remains the same.

I have installed OpenToonz and Anime Studio and they are working perfectly.

If you’re on Windows try updating the graphic card driver, especially if it’s an intel card.
If it was working fine and later performs slowly, check what else is going on. On my
system it really slows down when the antivirus program performs a disk check.

Also try updating the tablet driver. In Harmony itself check to make sure that you
didn’t accidentally leave the light table feature on when it’s not needed as it uses
a lot of graphic resources. Check also the settings of the graphic card.