toon boom has to get faster

i cant make 10 layers in studio without it getting all laggard on me. i can’t export an animation with 3d space and camera movement without the thing getting slow as a snail. Im concidering going to adobe after effects for cut out animation cause, this is really pushing my buttons. i know this isnt because of my computer because recently, everything’s been running fast and suddenly here comes toon boom the turtle to slow down my day.

if this cant be fixed right here with useful info from the forum, then at least can this problem be fixed in an updated version of studio like tbs 4.6 or something cause really, this thing is giving me a head ache.


This might be something related to the way your artwork was made. If you are using the pencil tool extensively you may want to see if you get better results with the brush tool instead (it is much lighter on memory usage).

Else then that I would really need to know your machine specs and see the scene to define what could be in cause.



note im just reading this off my computer labels :stuck_out_tongue:

" intel celeron processor, 2.5 GHz ; 128 MB DDR SDRAM memory ; 40 GB, ultra DMA harddrive, 48x 24x 48x max. speed. Windows XP" i hope that was some use to you for what the problem might be. and yes i always use brush not pencil, i’ve been useing brush with my tablet but, toon boom is still the only software i have that’s this slow. but note, toon boom is not slow unless i try to export an animation with arranged 3d space, or have too many layers. The second tbs decides i have to many layers, it won’t let me do anything :-<br />
oh and please excuse my horrid punctuation, i was typing in a rush.


You have practically no memory (128 MB.) The minimum memory requirement to run TBS is 256 MB (twice what you have); 512 MB is recommended. Adding more memory will dramatically improve performance.

do you buy memory or do you take away RAM for more memory?