Toon Boom Has Just Killed Flash?

Yes, more than likely. For professionals.

But for a hobbyist such as myself, Animate Pro 3 is as far as I go with Toon Boom. I cannot afford or justify upgrading to Harmony. Essentials is a waste of time and Premium is my only upgrade path option and I can’t afford it.

Anime Studio Pro has just added frame-by-frame capability in version 11. I think I’ll stick with them. It’s a LOT more affordable.

They added some control to their process. SM seems to be on top of accommodating their user base with updates, tutorials and webinars. No doubt they could put together something competitive. They just seem so content with being proprietary down to every detail.

Hello Guitarist & 0oAmpyo0,
I am an animation student and trying to become more active in certain animation forums to learn more as I am just a beginner. I see you both seem to have experience with both Anime Studio and Toon Boom, I’d love to learn more about how you’ve made your animation software choice. Can either of you email me at

if you spent the money on Animate Pro 3 already, the upgrade to Harmony Premium is $500, overall the upgrade is worth it

For a professional, yes, but as I said in my original post I am a hobbyist. My only upgrade path is Harmony Premium and $500 is not even a remote possibility for me. There’s absolutely no way I could justify the cost.

I’ll just stick with Animate Pro 3 and keep upgrading Anime Studio Pro.