Toon Boom Harmony

Hello everyone,
About to pull the trigger on a Harmony subscription…

Why should I?


Why should I explore your alternative suggestion?

My goals:. Obtain proficiency in top of the line animation software that can offer me a wide variety techniques.

My background: very experienced traditional artist, proficient with all of Adobe Suite. (Specifically not trying to animate soley on Adobe [although I’m aware it is possible])

Well, asking that question at the Toon Boom Forum,
Is like asking Ferrari, who builds the best sport-cars :slight_smile:

Anyway, Toon Boom Harmony is seen as the de facto market leader.
Used by most of the famous studios around the globe.

It offers one of the best drawing and animation tools available.
It might be harder to grasp at the beginning, but in my humble opinion
it is the best tool for professional animators or serious hobbyist.

If you still like to explore, try out one of the available alternatives.
To mention only a few: CelAction, TVPaint, Moho, Crazy Talk, Synfig etc.