Toon Boom Harmony software

I ordered Boom Harmony Premium for $109. Will I be charged that every month?

Yes it says, “USD $109 Monthly” That means it costs $109 every month when you subscribe on a per month basis. It costs less if you subscribe for a whole year all at once. Then it works out to $73 per month but you have to commit $876 up front.

One advantage of the month to month subscription is that you do not have to have the $876 available.

Another is that you have the freedom to skip months when you might not use it. But you may end up paying more anyway if you subscribe more than 8 months over the 12 month period. That also depends on the time you are measuring. You might subscribe 6 months over a 12 month period then only twice over the next year. You don’t need to think of 12 month periods except to compare the time between a monthly and annual subscription.