Toon Boom Harmony not opening or creating scene properly [SOLVED]

My program was working fine on Saturday 4th, but the day after, it stopped working for some reason. I’ve have spent past few days trying to diagnose the situation.

I’ve checked Toon Boom’s activity in task manager and the program opens in the background processes but when it reaches 75-82mb in memory, the window appears for a split second and then disappears.

I can open the start screen but when I try to load a scene or create a new scene, it closes.

I’ve tried to add the software to an exception list in trend micro to see if it was blocking it, but that didn’t work either.

I’ve also scanned for any hardware changes in the graphics cards but nothing was found.

No errors were recorded in event viewer either.

I’ve managed to capture this error in the command terminal

My computer is:
Windows 8.1
64-bit, x64
Intel Core CPU 2.5 GHz
AMD 7600 series graphics

I have also run a trouble shooter for compatibility issues to no avail.

I have performed another test using backup files, so I can confirm none of the files were corrupted. There is something wrong with the software itself.

Just an idea.
Try resetting Harmony? It should be something along these lines.
Open File Explorer and check ‘Hidden items’ under View. Then go to folder (C:)>Users>YOUR_LOGIN_NAME>AppData>Roaming>Toon Boom Animation>… I don’t know the path from here for HARM10, but try and find the layout and pref folder(s) and rename them to something with old for backup. Then see if you can start Harmony 10. If this is to much, make a new Windows User account and try Harmony with it.

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It worked. The layout folder must have become corrupted and a reset did the trick,
Thank you for your help.

Your welcome @Redsam121 glad it worked out.

Unfortunately a new problem was created that I just discovered. The movie settings won’t change once I close the settings tab. I can’t change the audio rate from 22.05Khz to 48khz.

Did you try rendering a mov through the write node.
Only other thing I can think of is reinstall Quicktime. Make sure Harmony isn’t open when doing the install.

I have tried through write and will try reinstall quicktime instead.

I have tried reinstanlling quicktime and that didn’t work either, all the movie settings revert back when I close the window.

When you close which window?
In export to movie, you have Movies Options (these are Quicktime Settings) once you change those setting click OK. Then you have to do a export, if you don’t and cancel your setting won’t stick.

When I close Movie Options.
These remain the same after I click OK:

Is there a way I can save my movie setting preferences, for every time I create a new scene. Like change an .xml file?

I don’t know if you only reset the layout folder from last time. Maybe try backing up/renaming or deleting your preferences folder and starting fresh?