Toon Boom Harmony moves slow


I was tryingto see if someone can help me resolve a issue I have. I can’t operate the program anymore. Everytime I try using anything that requires precise input with the pencil,lasso, paintbrush and eraser tool, the camera view where I’m trying to animate on doesn’t respond until 10 seconds later, making it impossible to animate with the program. I was trying to see if someone can help me with this problem. I tried unistalling the program and reinstalling it and it doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do.

You should describe the computer you are using.

For every stated minimum describe what your system has including the specific part and amount when applicable.


I use a Cintiq Companion. Here’s the specs to my device.

I hope this will help.

Your specs look adequate. I’ve done well in Harmony with less.

Did you check to make sure the ‘render’ button is not pressed in the camera view?

If it is activated, have you tried turning off the touch feature?

Are you doing simple things or working with complicated projects?

All vector or any higher resolution bitmapped images involved?