I have a annoying problem with toon boom harmony 12, I’m trying to create or open a project and it crashes all the time. How I can solve this problem?
The 10’s version of Toon Boom works normally.

Windows 10 x64




I’m having the exact same problem.

Maybe it’s a problem with the graphics card or something?

Help please!

I have been having the same problems for months now, using Harmony 12.1 Premium. I have a lab of computers using it and it happens sporadically, even with files that:

  1. do not have much art in them - maybe a dozen line drawings - as well as more complex scenes
  2. have no high-drain effects. No cameras, keyframes, etc.
  3. will not work on other computers either, where other Harmony projects will work just fine (all computers are the same specs)
  4. have seemingly no issues connecting for the license.
  5. does not have multiple versions of the same project on the same computer.

On the most “broken” file, I have rebuilt a new project with the same layer names, pasted the old file’s palette and .tvg files into the new project folders, and it will open fine a few times, but then not re-open all of a sudden.

I have ruled out: multiple versions of the project on the same computer, copying/pasting the project folder while the project is open, computer’s inability to process (they handle much bigger and more complex Harmony projects regularly without problem).

It seems random, and impossible to remove from a buggy project. Any solution would be great!


A few years ago I had problem with toonboom animate crashing all the time. Then I think the sollution was the get a better graphics card. I get teh impression that toonbooms software needs good graphics cards.
If you dont get help here on the forum send a mail direct to the support. I are very helpful.

/ Mattias