Toon Boom Harmony Essentials not importing multilayer PSD files

I am having a frustrating problem with Harmony Essentials 12.2. Even with “PDF/Illustrator Files as Separate Layers” is checked in the preferences, and even when “Create Layers Based on Filename(s)” selected it is still importing the .psd file as a single image. And yes…the layers in the .psd file are in separate groups. Can someone help me???

Yeah, I was JUST having the same issue, and saw this thread. All my groups were set to ‘Pass through’ w/images in groups set as ‘Normal’ in my Photoshop layers as per the old ways of setting up .psd files for importing, and it was set to RGB 16 bit. I kept getting the same problem with it coming in as a single layer instead of the expected ‘separated ones’. I just did the suggested ‘8-bit’ per channel, and got my layers in Harmony. It works with 8 . . . actually, with grouped layers either set ‘Normal’ or ‘Pass through’ . . . but wouldn’t take it as a 16.

Hi Ericbent64,

When you do the import process, when you click OK in the Import Image dialog box, does the Multilayer Image Import Setting dialog box open at all?



Hello, sorry for taking a while to reply. Kind of forgot.

The Mutlilayer Image Import Setting dialog box does open, but even when I select the "separated layers" option, it still imports the image a single layer. I have no idea why it isn't working.


Interesting… If you are allowed to or want to, you could post the PSD file for me to test it or you could post a screen grab of your layer stack in Photoshop for me to try to see what is going on.

You could also contact for them to help you out. It might be a tiny thing.

Note that I will be on Holiday for 2 weeks.

Happy Holidays to you!


Hi ericbent64: I’m wondering if you’re putting each layer under a Group Layer? I know it seems kind of redundant to create a Group Layer for each layer, but it does help when trying to import separate layers into Toon Boom Essentials 12 from Photoshop.

Also try it with the images set to 8 bits per channel instead of 16 bits per channel.