Toon Boom Harmony does not show sound wavelength

I am running Toon Boom Harmony 16.0 Essentials 2 on my Mac, which runs macOS Catalina version 10.15.3 (I literally updated an hour ago because I thought it would solve my problem)

Every time I try to import an audio file, the wavelength shows up as a flat line and doesn’t play the file. I have

-pressed the speaker and scrubbing button by the timeline
-made sure the other speaker on the toggle menu was turned on
-different methods of importing audio
-double clicking the audio file on the timeline and messing with the settings in the sound editor
-converted my .mp3 to .wav and .aiff files and imported them
-opening it up in the xhseets
-tested the audio file in just quicktime player and its works fine

I’ve tried googling the problem but a lot of the solved threads involve Windows users who just had to change their Quicktime player version. Of course, since I’m on a Mac, I have version 10.5 of Quicktime player. I tried downloading older versions, but they weren’t compatible

In case it’s important to the problem, I recently downloaded CleanMyMac and cleaned out a lot of unused files, but I don’t think I would’ve deleted an important component

If anyone can help me or need me to answer more questions, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m ready to tear my hair out over such a menial problem!

Hello Emidemi!

Please note that you will likely run into compatibility issues using Harmony 16 on macOS Catalina, as outlined on our Catalina page here:

However, since your problem was occurring beforehand, I recommend contacting our support team at and if you can, please provide them with a sample project that is experiencing issues so that they can troubleshoot it for you. If not, please describe your problem to them the best you can (much like you did here!) and they’ll troubleshoot it with you from there.

Good luck!