Toon boom Harmony Crashes when trying to export movie

Hello, lately I have been having issues with TBH15.0 Essentials.
When I try to export more than 75 frames into a movie, the program stops working and closes. (75 and less seem to export fine?) The project I’m working on isn’t at all demanding, It’s just a little bit of line art that I am trying to preview.
This problem seems to persist into my other project too, which is in a very rough sketch stage, not even lineart. It’s highly frustrating! Does anyone know how to fix this?
Help would be highly appreciated!

when you export to movie, go to movie options, then video settings, then you can change compression type.

Scardario; Thank you for the advice, but I’ve already done that. :,D I’d prefer to have the program to work as intended, though, haha;;

aceofspades22; Thank you for the suggestions! I tried to uninstall and reinstall, but that doesn’t seem to help. ): My gpu drivers are up to date.
Where/how do I change the compression type?

Sometimes is useful to change the render parameters, for example, if you’re rendering to a video, do it instead to images and assemble the video in other software, change the resolution, etc. This is more of a workaround than a solution, but it’s something I’d try.

did you try changing compression type? or maybe update gpu drivers or uninstall then reinstall the program

Sorry for the late reply, but I don’t seem to have that option?

Happens sometimes, it’s why I never use it for final render. Always render write nodes as a png sequence and then assemble it in premier.

But that’s not something we should just tolerate? We paid for a working program, not this. I don’t wanna spend an extra few hours assembling 600+frames in a different program when this one is supposed to do it’s job. :confused:

Honestly that’s the norm in the industry too, renders are never exported in movie format from toonboom but always as a high quality image sequence. The images are then processed with color balancing or effects or whatnot and assembled.

There’s actually more solid reasons to do it in other software.

One of them is that in Harmony you usually create a single take (from, let’s say, a 20 minutes episode), and you edit the footage in other software.

Another one is that, rendering is sometimes a complicated and lenghty task, if, for some reason, it fails mid-way, by rendering images you can use the rendered ones and try again with the remaining ones. If you try to render to a video, you lose all of the rendering.

Reasons or no, the program isn’t working properly. What if I don’t own any other editing software/don’t have good skills in editing? (My case is the latter) I’ve already paid for this program, assuming it will get the job done. I’m not asking for miracles, just 1-3 minutes of animation, but apparently I have to buy another program just to make this one not be a waste?

The best thing I can do is drag each frame individually into my Vegas Movie Studio (It’s an inferior version of Vegas Pro, from what I’ve gathered), then manually adjust each frame’s length within the file. (If anyone knows how to set that each image I import automatically sets to 1/24th of a second, please let me know, you’d be a life saver.) So at 600 frames, I’d have to roughly spend at least a full hour just to put the whole thing together, all for the sake of 3 minutes. That is precious time I could be spending doing something else. What if I want to work on a longer project? How much more time will I have to waste then, when the software is supposed to be able to do this for me?
I’m not asking for the world, is it really that hard to ask this praised to high heavens of a software to render 3 minutes of lineart/sketch animation?

I am sorry if I am coming off as hostile, I appreciate the feedback, I really do, but what I am looking for is a way to make my program work as intended, to fix the issue, not find loops around it. It’s very frustrating…

I appreciate this information, but I’m not part of the industry, I’m just an amateur animator that wants to render up to three minutes of a poorly drawn animation, for starters. I don’t need anything fancy, just a working export option.
I’d like to learn things at my own pace, maybe eventually I’ll learn how to edit things in other programs, but for now, I really just need a working export option.

I get that as freelance animation related, but honestly this software is built for and caters to professional studios en masse.

On my own personal projects with tons of nodes the program can run out of ram and/or crash because of too complex effects, and after an hour of rendering the video fails to form.

Rendering out every frame guarantees no problems, and you can re-render sequences in parts of frames if you want to edit something instead of having to re-render the whole project to which can be a huge time saver. If you can afford to have this program legally there is no way you can’t afford 20 a month for premier or whatever else.

As far as importing it’s literally seconds. You open premier, import image sequence and then remap time to 24fps and boom, the same video file all nice (and you can even update the pngs without needing to reimport and it will update the video).

I understand what you are saying, but I feel like you are not seeing what I am trying to say;

I am not planning to make difficult animations with many nodes/effects, I just need to render three minutes of simple frame by frame.
And whether or not I have the funds for a new program isn’t the issue here, the issue here is that I do not WANT to have to purchase a completely different program JUST to export a simple animation that could be just as easily exported with a working export button! All I am asking is for THIS program to work! Why is this such a difficult thing to request? A program I paid for to work? I understand all the benefits of other programs and the way things are in the industry and all the other things everyone has told me, but if this program is offering the option to render my work into a video, I would like that option to either work OR have it be removed entirely, if it’s not meant to be used.

Again, I apologise if my attitude is at all hostile, I am just extremely frustrated. I appreciate all the advice for the workarounds, but what I am looking for is a way to make this specific program to work.

you have the right to be upset because that isn’t supposed to happen. i’m not sure why that is happening but i think you have to contact support if you haven’t already. the only thing i can think of is if your computer can’t handle the program properly so it crashes. do you have the recommended specs?