Toon Boom Harmony Advanced pencil tool not working

I have been taking a break from animation for a while, and I opened toon boom for the first time since then. I always use the pencil tool for animation but when I started to draw, it disappeared. When I press “k” the strokes still appear but the pencil won’t show up. While the pencil is drawing it appears but when I pick up my pen off my Wacom it disappears.

Can you please email us at and send a screencast of the issue?

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Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

I just came across this problem and after going through a bunch of settings here’s what worked for me:
Click the top light (lamp icon, next to the mirror view), I had pencil line opacity set to 0%. Set to 100 and it should be back.
Probably messed with the settings at some point and completely forgot about it when i didn’t use pencil tool for a while.