Toon Boom Harmony Advanced importing movies upside down

So I’ve imported a short movie (mp4) from my phone to rotoscope.
My only issue is that TBHA imports the movie upside down.
I can rotate the individual keyframes for it 180 but is there
a faster way to rotate them all 180 degrees at once or is there some
other setting to check when importing movies to make sure they import
right side up?

Any suggestions/tips/help greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

Which orientation did you film the video? I suspect the problem is due to the camera being a cell phone which has an auto-orient aspect involved.

The immediate solution is to rotate the video file using a video editor before importing it in Harmony.

That is one step vs. dealing individually with multiple sequenced images.

There are free video editors if you do not already own something.

VLC is one.