Toon Boom Harmony 2022

Hy Guys,
I was just wondering when Harmony 2022 is going to be out. I want to upgrade from my Basic version to Premium, and I’d better wait. If I upgrade now with version 2021 and in a couple of months 2022 is out then I would have to pay again for the new update.
Any comments will be appreciated.
Have a nice weekend!


These are Harmony’s release dates of the last years:

Harmony 21:

Harmony 20:

Harmony 17:

Harmony 16:

Harmony 15:

If you upgrade taking “Silver Support” you would have acces to new releases and updates during one year.

Thank you Stefman. I’ll wait. Even though I’ll update versions in the future, I’ll go with a perpetual license.

You’re welcome.

OK. Yes, given the dates of the last years one could suppose that the new version could be released quite soon. :slight_smile:

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