Toon Boom Harmony 16 and 17 "not responding" on Cintiq


I realized it is not something to do with the Cintiq but with the secondary display. I put my Cintiq as the main display and it works perfectly fine but in this scenario with the Cintiq being the main display and the laptop being the secondary display, when I open toon boom over on my laptop it crashes and goes into “Not Responding”.

Hey everyone, I hope I can find a solution to my problem. I just recently changed my setup from an 2010 iMac into a brand new laptop running windows. The specs are way beyond what I had with my mac, and I have a Cintiq 22.

My problem is that when I open Harmony and the window opens up on my laptop screen, everything is fine; the problem comes when the toon boom window opens up on my Cintiq, that’s when the Camera view goes to white and then the whole software goes into “Not Responding” mode. I’ve never had an issue like this on my iMac so this is just driving me insane. I just want to know if there is a setting on the Cintiq that Im missing or what.

I hope someone can help me out

Thanks in avance


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