Toon Boom Harmony 14 Quicktime

Some months ago, the United States Department of Homeland Security recommended that all Windows users uninstall Quicktime, because of some extreme security risks. Apple has since ceased support for Quicktime on Windows, and no future bug fixes are planned. However, Toon Boom requires Quicktime, so while using Harmony 14 I cannot export files nor import audio. I do not want to reinstall Quicktime because I do not want to be vulnerable to hacking. Is there going to be a patch in the near future that allows full functionality of Harmony without the use of Quicktime?

If you go to and download the Quicktime Installer. You can choose to do a “custom” install instead of a complete install. With the custom install option, you can choose to install only the “essentials” which are the codecs, etc., and not install the actual Quicktime player. After installing only the essentials, I was able to export a Quicktime H.264 1080HD animation just fine. This may help solve any problems that might arise.

Fixed everything! Thank you so much!


I am glad this work, but we do not officially support this solution. As long as it works for you, it’s good.
If you encounter sound, import, or rendering issue, you may need to install the full QuickTime version.


you can also export image sequences, and then use something else to comp that sequence into a video. even though i use a mac and have the option to export directly to quicktime, i like to do image sequence export usually anyway to get “extras” like alphas and non-compressed quality out of harmony.

i’m assuming that all harmony versions (not premium, via the write module) can export to image sequence…

Hi Muchachotron,

Yes all versions export to image sequence.


I have the same problem again. I have reinstalled the full version of QT, and the issues persisted.
I had no audio issues for months, and now i cannot import hear any audio. I only get a flat waveform.

Hi. Try followings

-Uninstall current Quick Time
-Reboot (to refresh the preferences)
-Reinstall Quick Time with default installation option
-Reboot again to apply changes.

If it still does not work, please contact

I work at a educational institution where we are no longer allowed to install QuickTime due to the lack of support and security concerns. So without QuickTime installed the only option to export a movie are WMV files, which are completely worthless. I know we can output an image sequence which is what we do for the final, but to show dailies, it’s really time consuming and a pain to have to export an image sequence and then combine it just to display a version of the animation. Is there any other solution?

If you have a problem with Quicktime and find WMV worthless, you could always
export to a sequence of bitmap images and use an editing software to combine it
into a movie file.

Because THAT’S a great and easy workaround, Toonboom.

Come’on, TB. Try to work with us on this. I can’t review my student’s submissions through our school’s online review software with WMVs. They are USELESS to us. At least give us an MP4 export option or something that will work more universally.

(plus, this export BMP workaround is completely worthless if you have any audio sync to work with in your file)