Toon boom harmony 14 essentials sound issue

I have had some issues with toon boom harmony 14 essentials, in which i cannot hear the sound i have imported, and it doesnt seem to appear at all, the wave line stays the same, and i cannot hear it through the lip sync tab. i have also tried to import it in different file formats, and when i click render and play, it says it failed to convert sound file.
Please help!

  • Billy

Make sure your audio file and the folder path you are importing from contains no
spaces, accented letters or special symbols. Only use a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-”.

I have made sure all my files have no spaces or symbols, only using words a-z but it still has the same problem

Not just the file, the entire folder path you are importing the file from also.
Try deleting the audio from the project and then try importing again.

All of my folder paths have only letters and no spaces in them, although i cannot change things like “This PC” which has spaces in it.

Contact support to have a look, send them an example audio file you are importing.
Which software was used to make the audio file?

Keep in mind that on Windows 10 you need to have Quicktime 7.7.6 or earlier
to import audio as later versions of Quicktime are broken on Win 10