Toon Boom Harmony 12 Product Family available now!

The Toon Boom Harmony 12 product family is now available.

With three new feature-packed editions that bring the power of Harmony to every artist, and rental options available, Harmony is more accessible than ever.

Read the announcement here:

When i upgrade from animate 3 to harmony advanced, will it be a stand alone?
I personally don’t want subscriptions.


I’d like to know more about the similarities between Toon Boom Studio and Harmony Essentials. For instance, can you do stop motion in Essentials the same way that it can be done in Studio?


I recently purchase Toon Boom studio but is thinking about upgrading to Harmony Essentials in a few weeks time since it seems way better (I have being using the trial version to test it).

Is Harmony Essentials 64bit?
Also, will I be able to convert my current Toon Boom Studio projects to Harmony?


According to system requirements all versions require a 64bit OS.

Although it does not state that the Mac needs to be 64bit it can be deduced from the required hardware.

Contact Sales about this. Before this new rollout I was in a situation that also didn’t quite fit into the typical upgrade/crossgrade mold. They were very helpful.


This is not how it actually unfolded. The software was around for several generations. It steadily evolved and there were upgrades just like other software. Only recently has Toon Boom changed their game plan.

TB has offered upgrades about every 12 months. I have not thought of it this way but I just upgraded to Animate Pro 3 in June of 2014, less that a year ago. However I planned on upgrading to Animate Pro 4 if it offered enough features from Harmony or I would aim for Harmony. Both would force me to get a new computer so the move is much bigger. Turns out there is no Animate Pro 4 or Harmony 12 version that is a lateral move from Animate Pro 3 and my only options are Harmony 12 Premium or to stick with Animate Pro 3 as long as it runs.

The new Harmony 3-tier model is a very good idea for animators and Toon Boom. It means someone can get freelance work contributing to animation projects without having to buy Harmony (the full version). Animators will have the opportunity to gain a feel for the Harmony interface and process earlier. Everyone will be on the same page.

Hi Amin,

I am sorry you feel this way but let me reassure you on the fact that your version of Animate will continue to work past this date.

The decision to move all of our animation products to the Harmony family was to make all our products would be compatible together. With the three editions of Harmony, we wanted to make sure every artist using our software would be able to use and collaborate with any other artists using any other software from us, freeing artists from the incompatibility between Animate and Harmony.

We currently have a very competitive upgrade price if you wish to go from Animate to Harmony Advanced. Even better, when upgrading to Harmony, you will be able to keep your Animate license, allowing you to run both if you wish.

We also have a conversion service that allows converting your projects from Animate to Harmony upon upgrade.

Thanks and let me know if you have any other doubts but emailing me at mabouvier at toonboom dot com.



I was having the same worries, is good to know this. But is there a way to upgrade from Animate 2? Or I should upgrade to 3 and then to Harmony? I don’t see any option in the Cart.

this is quiet disappointing, given that i upgraded to Animate 3 only 15 months ago. Now i feel pressured to upgrade to Harmony since Animate will cease to exist after 2016.

it seems toonboom will just keep coming up with more ways to keep us paying for upgrades to new softwares by canceling one product and creating new ones.

I am about to upgrade to Harmony Essentials but was wondering if I would still be able to keep my Toon boom studio license

You might not get an answer from anyone who knows soon enough so contact sales:

I know you keep your license when upgrading from Animate and Animate Pro to Harmony 12. I don’t know about Studio.

I just upgraded to Harmony Essentials from TBS and confirmed that I can use both TBS and TBHE.

Thank you

I’ve recently upgraded from animate pro 3 to harmony premium, I will be putting animate pro on my surface pro for portability and harmony on my Desktop which is going to be really helpful!

But regarding compatibility, will it be possible to open files from animate pro on harmony?

Under My Account at there is a section called My Downloads. Within My Downloads is Harmony Project Conversion. It is not an automated process. The conversion process is manual. You use the link to send your file to Support. They convert the project and send it back. You are allowed 5 project conversions to Harmony from the Animate level software. After 5 you have to ask Support to convert more.

I have not seen an official explanation for this limit to 5. It has been speculated that it discourages people from teaming together and using one upgrade to Harmony while others stay at older software to avoid upgrade costs. Theoretically, you could have a team working with Animate Pro then convert the project to Harmony then finally add Harmony features to the project only needing to upgrade a single license. One of the reasons for this new 3-tier family is to get everyone up to Harmony level where everyone is able to exchange files. (Premium or Advanced features missing in lower Harmony software is locked and cannot be edited without Premium or Advanced when working with the lower versions).