Toon Boom Harmony 12 Advanced: Media Setting Problem


I just purchased Harmony 12 Advanced as a MAC version and I was animating a scene and exporting the movie. Everything was what I wanted a HD size screen. But then I wanted to click “Movie Options”. As i click it, I had to wait for a couple of seconds. Then a screen pop ups saying “MediaSettings quits unexpectedly”. I try to “Reopen” the application but it come up with the same screen. And when I click “OK” It says “MediaSettings Error”

I can still export my film and there isn’t a problem with that part. but I just purchased Harmony 12 Advanced and I just like someone to help me out this problem.

Is this some tiny glitch for using Advanced in MAC or are some people experiencing the same problem.

Thank You.

This specific error message isn’t something I have seen mentioned here

Do you have the latest version of Quicktime installed?

With other versions of Harmony and Animate there is confusion created because the software does not utilize the Quicktime options. You are supposed to use the software’s effects instead and Quicktime options are disabled. .

Make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime installed and see whether the software has effects to accomplish what you are wanting to do.


I took your advice and it worked. I updated my Quicktime and i can use the “Movie Options” tab.

Thank you