toon boom harmony 12.2 - cintiq pro 16 problems

so, I’ve a big problem with toon boom harmony 12.2. It never give me any problem with my old intuos, but now I’ve bought a cintiq pro 16 and if I have it connected to my laptop(which is an msi gs43vr 6re and it is new too, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have any problems yet), toon boom just doesn’t open. It tries to load but than it just stops working!
I’ve managed to have it loaded by disconnecting the cintiq and reconnecting it when the xstage file is open, but than if i try to draw, it just doesn’t make any line… or if it does they are placed something like 5 cm on the left of the pen.

I don’t understand what is it that doesn’t let the program load, does anybody have a solution?
thank you very much

ok, i’ve managed to find a temporarily a solution, but it’s not ideal. basically i normally use the cintiq with the extended display mode, so that i can keep reference material on my laptop’s screen while i work on the cintiq, and also (MAINLY)because this keeps the resolution of the two screens separated (fhd on the laptop, qhd on the cintiq)
but this extend display might be the problem.
i’ve just tried using the duplicate screen and it works fine, pen writes on the right point and i can load the program with nooo problemss
but at what cost
now the screen seems a little blurry, because it is treated like a fhd one and all zoomed in
don’t like that at all. it’s no way of using a qhd screen worth more than 1500€…

so…does anybody at least know if this is a toon boom problem?
and if it was fixed with harmony 14 or later??

Old Thread … But if this is still causing an issue try making the Cintiq the main screen, this fixed the issue for me.

My setup is desktop with Cintiq Pro 16 & 2 additional screens.
The issue I encountered was that Harmony would hang on launching or within a few moments after attempting to draw and ultimately needed to be forced closed.
I’m assuming that it is something to do with using Windows Extended mode… so far, changing the Cintiq to act as the main screen has done the trick.

I had this problem once with harmony 12, I also had multiple monitors and a cintiq
I had to uninstall a windows manager (DisplayFusion in my case) and had to follow the instructions on this thread:

Hope it helps