Toon Boom Harmony 11 brush mode glitch

I’ve been noticing a strange problem when I’m using the Brush tool in Toon Boom Harmony 11… a series of circular artifacts that are after images of the brush cursor’s position as I’m laying down strokes. The faster I make a stroke the further spaced out these after images are, the slower the tighter. The artifacts are pressure related and only occur when I press the stylus down harder. Interestingly it doesn’t happen immediately; when I make my first stroke the artifacts don’t occur but on the second stroke at the same zoom level / screen position they’ll appear. If I change zoom level or use the hand / spacebar movement on screen the problem resets itself and the first stroke doesn’t produce the artifacts.

This doesn’t seem to produce any problems with my ability to use the tool or draw, but the artifact is visually annoying and makes me somewhat bothered by what might be causing it. Is this a bug with the software or some sort of issue that is inherent with my own system set up? My video card drivers are up to date along with my Wacom tablet. Any suggestions?

I made a video recording of the problem I’m experiencing here:

…you’ll need to see it at the HD quality though, -the lower resolutions obscure the flickering glitch to an extent.

Nobody has ever seen this happen before? Am I in fact unique? That would at least tell me that there might be something wrong outside of the Harmony software.

What type and model tablet are you using?
Which model graphic card?
How much graphic memory?

I appreciate the reply, thank you!

I’m running Windows 7 64-bit with a Wacom Cintiq 24HD, a GeForce GTX 780 Ti with 3GB of ram onboard.

All drivers for the operating system and video card have been updated frequently.


Have you contacted Support?

While waiting you could try and isolate the source.

Disable the Cintiq, delete the driver and use a mouse.

Turn off everything that enhances the display in Preferences.

See what you get?

It may be a driver issue, have you downloaded the newest one from Wacom?
Also there are often settings you can tweak in the NVidia Control Panel’s
3D Settings-Manage 3D Settings (look at some of the texture related settings). It’s still more likely to be a driver issue though.

Well, you’re not the only one. I’m having this problem too, and it seems there wasn’t a fix for it if this thread is anything to go by. It’s hurting my eyes.

It does happen with the mouse also, even worse.

New system, latest drivers for video card & wacom cintiq.

Win 7; Direct X 11.0
Video card = Quadra K5100M, driver: 341.22

Harmony 12.1.0

One other point that might help isolate this: this glitch only happens when I draw with a brush with opacity; so when I set the swatch to 50% opacity, the effect appears. When the swatch is solid, I don’t see the glitch.

Here are my NVIDIA settings:

Does this help anyone with a fix?

Wow… I don’t check in here too often, I’m sorry. I never conclusively figured out what the problem was but there were enough little oddities going on with my computer that I decided to just chuck it all and reinstall the whole operating system and all my software from scratch less than a month after this was happening. It worked and I haven’t had the problem since.

Maybe I just had some weird combination of problems where one driver conflicted with another and a windows update caused a glitch in tandem… I can’t guess, but everything is stable now and I hope that you had similar luck in all the time since you shared your problem.

I also have this problem. It’s highly aggravating.