Toon Boom Hand Tool/ Grabber Tool Stuck/Locked. Will not change. Reinstalled Program did not fix. HELP!!

Yesterday while creating a shortcut for the Hand Tool, it got stuck on the Hand Tool and will not change.

No matter what I do or what other tools click on, my cursor remains stuck as the Hand Tool making it so I cannot do anything but grab the canvas.

I’ve read on other threads that others have had this problem. It is not my keyboard as I have tested it.

I have closed Toon Boom. Did not fix it. I have restarted my computer. Toon Boom still booted up with the Hand Tool stuck!

I uninstalled Toon Boom completely from my computer. Waited 12 hours. Then did a fresh install of Toon Boom…

Toon Boom still booted up with the Hand Tool stuck!!

At this point this program has been completely rendered useless as I cannot draw or do anything in the program since the Grabber Tool is the only thing I can use.

I just bought this program a few months ago. There was very important storyboard work I needed to do this weekend and now I can’t even use the program.

This is incredibly alarming since I did a re-install and Toon Boom still booted with the Grabber Tool frozen.

I am using Windows 10.


I figured out how to fix it by complete accident.

I had to go to KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS, then choose FREE PAN AND ZOOM, then clicked on DEFAULT so that the Shortcut AND Default column both said SPACE. This fixed it for some bizarre reason.

BUT if I choose Free Pan & Zoom and press CLEAR, the cursor goes back to being permanently stuck on the Hand Tool again.

This is a pretty serious bug that really needs to be addressed immediately.

Hope this helps others with the same issue.

If your keyboard is not only English, check if you switched to English language. Toon boom works laggy if you switch to a language other than English.