Toon Boom Gold Support not responding?

I recently bought Toon Boom Harmony with the gold support package and am having issues. I have two licenses of Harmony and I should be able to use the database between them, but I get two error messages and it doesn’t work.

The first message:
The database directory specified by $USADB (/USA_DB) is not accessible or is invalid.
(Unable to access /USA_DB/jobs)
Please contact the system/database administrator.”

The second message:
“Could not connect to the database server.
Report this error to your system administrator.
Press Retry when the databse server service has been restored, or press Ok to continue in single user mode, or press Quit to exit.”

Two weeks ago, I sent a support question just by clicking the Support button on the menu bar of this website. Is there another way to properly send support tickets? I’m worried I’m doing it wrong because I haven’t gotten a response yet. I feel like I’m overlooking the correct place to contact them. Are you supposed to get a confirmation email after sending a ticket?

I understand that it’s probably busy working for Toon Boom support, but the gold package says you get a response in 24 hours. I was hesitant to call the support since I’m not sure how much a long distance call to Canada would cost. I thought maybe my message didn’t send properly, so I sent another message at the start of the week with the same results. I had a good experience with the support when I bought the software, but I’m getting disappointed that I can’t use the database.

Has anyone else experienced long wait times like this?

As far as I know just having two licenses only means you can have Harmony (standalone) installed and activated on two computer systems at the same time.
Harmony Server does what it sounds like you are trying to do but it is an optional add-on.

Harmony Server (formerly called Network) enables production teams working in Harmony Advanced and Harmony Premium to access shared assets directly from a database in a server-client configuration. The server stores all the assets and holds the database. Clients machines run Harmony and access the database instead of storing files locally. You can share assets, vectorize and render in batch for increased productivity and security.
I have received responses by using this form to initiate a Support request:

Thanks for replying to me and confirming the way to contact support.

When we (my sister and I) discussed purchasing the software with the representative, we originally had one license for the both of our computers. There was trouble with activating the software, so they changed our license to be two different licenses. I guess that must have messed up the network. We told the representative clearly each time we messaged them that we needed the database between us, but it seems a mistake still happened.

I think we’re going to have to try to call them to get this straightened out. I’m just confused why we’re not getting any replies to our support tickets.

Anyway, thanks again for your help.

Also you can try emailing

I keep in mind that it is likely busy working for Toon increase guide, however the gold package says you get a reaction in 24 hours. i was hesitant to call the support on account that i’m no longer sure how a whole lot a protracted distance name to Canada could cost.

Did you follow procedures for Installation of Harmony Server? Namely creating a server and a client via the Configuration Wizard, sharing the usa_db, usadata000 and Harmony directories on the server computer, etc.? There could have been a confusion between “server license” and “database license”? The terminology doesn’t help. Toon Boom provides licensing management on a server, which can serve several computers working locally, that is, the “server” aspect is merely for licensing, not for actual sharing of assets on a database. Then there’s Harmony Server which is a different version of the software that allows client computers to connect to a server computer. It was maybe less confusing when it was called “Database”. You wouldn’t mix up license server with working with the assets on a server. It also doesn’t help that you can install all the components for the Server version even if your license is just for Standalone. But if that was the case I think you would get a license not a database error. Not sure, though…

Luis Canau