Toon Boom goes manga?

Hello guys!

Can you tell us more about it? :slight_smile:

(Resumed in English: TB will bring on the japanese market a software especially aimed for making manga.)

Seems they want to take the market that was previously owned by Comic Studio (Manga Studio in America)

Manga Studio is pretty old, 2008 I believe, you can find the vendor site in America here.

The maker


Hi Giles :wink:

Actually, the original Comicstudio was released in 2001.
Nothing has taken its number 1 rank in Japan, the home of manga.
Even ComicWorks, though pretty good, cannot compete.

Hello patmals.

I was referring to v4 of the software and I only meant that Toonboom, maybe, was hoping to get part of that niche since comic studio has not been upgraded in years.

Had a look at Manga Studio trial and I liked it I must admit!


Thx for the Answer Lilly! :slight_smile:
(Thx also to the other TB buddies that replied to my question)

That article is referring to Flip Boom Manga, an animation software that’s being launched in the Japanese App store. We are looking at also bringing out other products to bridge the gap between Comic Boom and a full comic book application, but stay tuned for further information as it becomes available.