Toon BOOM for Mac

Hi , how do I get , Toon Boom Harmony , for being a student ?

If I can get it for free a year ?

what I mean in ( center of Excellence student program ) section,

Hello, I’ve could successfully download the toon boom:

Your issue sounds like it might be computer specific and the best way to get help with that is to reach out to

Best of luck!

Thank you very much for Information,
I have downloaded Toon boom in my computer from
center of Excellence.

When I reboot my computer The toon boom
will disappear, and if you could tell me the reason?

Hello Babakd,

You can find a link to our student pricing here:

If your school is a Centre of Excellence, you’ll find it on this list here:

If you are a Centre of Excellence student and would like to redeem your license, you can either e-mail us at and let us know your name & school or you can fill out this sheet:

Let me know if I didn’t answer your question fully!