Toon Boom Fill in text shading?

Hi guys,

I made an animation with some text. I converted the text to an object. It just has outlines with no color filled in and I wish to fill in some shading. How do I fill in text with the paint bucket tool?

Hey Vicky,

To convert that text to full vector objects, you need to break them one more time by selecting text and then the Drawing / Convert / Break Apart Text Layer option one more time.

This will make it a simple object just as a broke stroke or a filled shape. You should then be able to paint inside it using the paint or paint unpainted tools.

In summary, Break Apart Text Layer once will break the word down into letters. You will still be able to move those letters individually but not apply changes to the vector itself.

Doing it a second time will make it a vector shape. At this point, you will no longer be able to change the font or any of its settings as it will no longer be considered text.

Let us know how it goes!